Change/replace SIP address from the edsvaOffice365-UserID field

Ill start off by saying I am a complete novice

I would like to change user SIP address with the field edsvaOffice365-UserID

Id also like to be able to update this by OU if possible

I am using Quest Commandlet to pull this information. Get-QADUser -SearchRoot "OU=Path” -SizeLimit 0 -IncludedProperties edsvaOffice365-UserID

How would I script this to take the information in edsvaOffice365-UserID and update the SIP with it?




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  • Unless you are using the "Connect-QADService -proxy" command elsewhere and have not shown it, this script is targeting native Active Directory and there is no edsvaOffice365-UserID attribute.

    Try this:

    Connect-QADService -proxy

    Get-QADUser -SearchRoot "OU=Path” -SizeLimit 0 -IncludedProperties 'edsvaOffice365-UserID' | %{

    # Clean out the old SIP

    Remove-QADProxyAddress -Pattern "SIP*" -DirObject $_

    $NewSIP = "SIP:" + $($_.'edsvaOffice365-UserID')

    # Put in the new one

    Add-QADProxyAddress -DirObject $_ -Address $NewSIP

    Set-QADUser -identity $_ -objectattributes @{'msRTCSIP-PrimaryUserAddress'=$($_.'edsvaOffice365-UserID')}



    Also, this type of simple search-and-replace operation could be performed in an Automation Workflow.

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