How to create a users request workflowAR

Hello All,

I am starting with Workflows, and I have no experienc with workflows. I would like to create a workflow, where a user can request something (e.g. higher Mailbox Limit etc.) via self adminstration Website. This request should be approved by the Manager of the user.

Actually, I do not know how to define the "workflow Options and start conditions", because the workflow should be triggered by the user on demand. What Kind of start conditions should I create, because I did not found something appropriate in the selection area?

And if I could create this workflow, how do I publish it into the self Administration Website?

Many thanks for any help

Best Regards Markus

  • Hello Markus,

    You can accomplish this goal using a parameterized Automation Workflow. You may only be familiar with Change Workflows, but Automation Workflows can be scheduled to perform bulk updates or parameterized to accept inputs from users.

    In the Active Roles Console, create a new Workflow and choose an Automation Workflow.

    In the "Workflow options and start conditions", just set it to "Allow the Workflow to be run on demand"

    You will also need to specify Parameters on the Parameters tab. This can be as simply as a single multi-valued string parameter with several hard-coded values, or you can choose multiple parameters.

    I don't know exactly what your business need is here, but you gave the example of an increased mailbox limit request. So, the multi-valued string could be a list of values which can be requested.

    The body of the Workflow would probably just fire off a notification to the correct team with the parameters embedded.

    You would expose the Workflow using an Access Template which allows the Users to execute it, and then use this resource:

    Title: How To Create a Button on the Web Interface Home Page to Run a Workflow
    Solution: 215536