What's new 7.3.1 Guide - Section 508 compliance steps

I see this on page 8 in the 'recent changes' guide.  I don't spend a lot (any) time in the app settings on a published site, but we'd like enable this setting.

I've navigated this path and don't end up with where this rabbit trail leads me.   Can you provide a screenshot showing this screen?

Active Roles now provides enhanced Web interface accessibility for disabled users. However, these settings are not available by default.

To enable these settings that provide enhanced Web interface accessibility, perform the below configuration:

In the right pane, click Configuration Editor.

In the Section drop-down, select <appSettings>, and open the Collection Editor.

Set the key508compliance value to 1, and apply the changes.

Open the IIS Manager, expand the default website, and click the Active Roles Application (Default is ARWebAdmin).

Restart IIS.