Issues setting attributes via PowerSHell

Hi all,

we are about to roll-out self-service for group management.

For that reason, I need to bulk-set primary and secondary owners.

While trying to get started I am experiencing issues in settings neccessary attributes.

I can set ManagedBy flag and that's all.

Trying to set "edsamanagercanupdatemembershiplist" or "edsvaSecondaryOwners" or "edsvaSecondaryOwnersCanUpdateMembershipList" the command seems to execute but a get still reveals unset or wrong attributes:

Set-QADGroup -Proxy <groupname> -ObjectAttributes @{edsaManagerCanUpdateMembershipList = $True }

When then querying it still remains as "False":

Get-QADGroup -Proxy jimprimary -DontUseDefaultIncludedProperties -IncludeAllProperties | select managedBy,edsaManagerCanUpdateMembershipList,edsvaSecondaryOwners,edsvaSecondaryOwnersCanUpdateMembershipList

ManagedBy edsamanagercanupdatemembershiplist edsvaSecondaryOwners edsvaSecondaryOwnersCanUpdateMembershipList
--------- ---------------------------------- -------------------- -------------------------------------------

Any hint what I'm doing wrong?