Creating Dynamic Groups with a PowerShell script

I have modified the script found here:

However what I do not get to work is the LDAP filter. I need to include all the user account from the searchbase and then exclude the accounts in the child OU - ServiceAccounts?

Add-PSSnapin Quest.ActiveRoles.ADManagement
Connect-QADService -Proxy

$JOBCODE = "Privilege"
$REGION = "Admin"
$GroupsOU = "OU=Groups,OU=Data Management,DC=my,DC=company,DC=co,DC=uk"
$SearchBase = "OU=ADManagement,DC=my,DC=company,DC=co,DC=uk"
$groupName = "G_POL_Privilege_Users"

#Create a new group and assign to variable $DN.
$DN=(New-QADGroup -Name $groupName -SamAccountName $groupName -ParentContainer $GroupsOU).DN

#Retrieve DN of New group, through ADSI.
$objGroup = $Null
$objGroup = [ADSI] "EDMS://$DN"

#Return a reference to membership rule collection for this group
$objRuleCollection = $objGroup.MembershipRuleCollection

#Create a new 'Include by Query' rule

$rule1 = New-Object -ComObject "EDSIManagedUnitCondition"

$rule1.Base = "EDMS://$SearchBase"

$rule1.Filter = '(&(|(&(objectCategory=person))(&(objectClass=user))(&(!(|(ou:dn:=ServiceAccounts)(&(objectCategory=person))(&(objectClass=user)))))))'

$rule1.Type = 1 # 'Include by Query'


#reference - unremark the line and copy as needed.

#$rule1.Type = 1 # Include object by query

#$rule1.Type = 2 # Exclude object by query

#$rule1.Type = 3 # Include directly

#$rule1.Type = 4 # Exclude directly

#$rule1.Type = 5 # Include members of the group selected

#$rule1.Type = 6 # Exclude members of the group.

#$rule1.Type = 7 # Keep membership even if member is deprovisioned. The deafult is to remove a member when a member is deprovisioned.

# Add the newly created rule to the rule collection