Web Interface Customization

Hello! I was curious to see if it is possible to change the website "title" (text on the tab on the top of the page) on the web interface. I don't see an obvious spot for it in the banner and I am having no luck searching th ARS SDK. 

Has anybody ever changed it? I would hate to be stuck with the text "Active Roles Web Interface" for all my pages.

Thank you kindly.

  • Hi, Julia.

    Haven't tried, but you might want to have a look at \Program Files\One Identity\Active Roles\7.3\Web\Public\LanguageFiles\1033\Resources.lng (where 1033 is specific to US-English); there does appear to be a WIS_INCORRECT_BROWSER_VERSION_TITLE setting there... though granted the name of this setting doesn't exactly make it sound promising. It was the only place where I could find a reference to the page name, though.

    Good luck!