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      24 Apr 2018
    • One of the highlights of the One Identity EMEA UNITE Partner Conference in Nice was the Partner Celebration Dinner and One Identity EMEA Partner Awards 2018. There were fifteen awards presented by a number of guest presenters alongside Ian Sutherland (VP & GM Sales, One Identity, EMEA).

      Long-Term Partnership: Computacenter


      L- R : Ian Sutherland, One Identity; Shahriar Saravandi-Rad, Computacenter

      Computacenter is…

    • Container Deployment Scenarios Alleviate Complex Deployments

      18 Apr 2018
    • Digital transformation is an unstoppable force pushing nearly every organization to modify the way they operate. Seeing the competition gain an edge by embracing cloud-based resources and services is driving businesses to become more agile.

      To keep up with the rapid pace of change, organizations need to deploy applications faster, and to reduce expenses incurred from running legacy application in a traditional manner…

    • Better User Management Takes Flight

      16 Apr 2018
    • Air travel companies experience extreme seasonal loads, taking on thousands of short-term staff as business increases, then releasing them during the quieter autumn and winter months.  Dutch low-cost airline, Transavia, is no different.

      Founded in 1965 and now part of Air France-KLM, Transavia flies passengers to more than 110 destinations in Europe and North Africa, and according to Anders Kok, service delivery manager…

    • Iso/Iec 27001 from an Auditor’s Perspective

      11 Apr 2018
    • For many organizations, compliance with data security standards doesn't seem to be getting easier. With the myriad of regulations, it’s not easy to understand what each one of them are actually requiring you to do.

      You can get ahead of the game by understanding the regulations and learning what controls you can put in place to achieve compliance. Read our white paper where an auditor dissects ISO/IEC 27001…

    • 2018 April Highlights Part 1

      11 Apr 2018
    • Identity Analytics and Risk Intelligence:   Safeguard Risk Calculation and Event Improvements: We previously introduced the addition of Safeguard as a data source for Risk Intelligence. As we see and hear more from our customers w...
    • Get Ready for RSA 2018

      2 Apr 2018
    • Will you be in San Francisco April 16-20? One Identity sure will. One of the highlights of our year is the RSA Security Conference and 2018 is no different. As always, we’ll have a lot going on at the show and would love for you to stop by if you’re going to be in town.

      First and foremost among our activities is our booth in the North Hall (#3326 if you’re into that type of thing). We’ll be showing our complete…

    • One Identity EMEA UNITE Partner Conference in Nice, France – 9 -12 April 2018

      21 Mar 2018
    • As One Identity continues its journey to become an independent leading Identity and Access Management (IAM) solution provide, we are now UNITEing our customers and partner events into a unified, focused and collaborative event that spans four days – this time overlooking the Mediterranean Sea in NICE, France.


      To begin the UNITE event with our EMEA partners on Monday, we examine “The Journey to IAM Success”. Working…

    • So now you know what GDPR is … what’s next?

      16 Mar 2018
    • As you’re painfully aware, GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) requires any organization that stores, processes, or transmits personal data on European Union citizens (even organizations outside of the EU) to undertake “data protection by design” and “data protection by default” with regard to that information. A major component of the regulation is the requirement to report “…

    • GDPR is upon us – are you ready?

      16 Mar 2018
    • You’ve overcome organizational and reporting challenges from PCI, SOX, HIPAA, GLB and all the other alphabet-soup regulations. Now, here comes the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which applies to most of us, whether we like it or not – and it goes into effect on May 25, 2018.

      In general, GDPR aims to provide citizens of the EU with clear and understandable information with regard…

    • Take your place in the growing One Identity Partner Circle

      14 Mar 2018
    • What a year it has been, thanks to you, our partners. Since becoming an independent brand, One Identity has seen incredible growth in our Partner Circle Program. That growth is not just in the volume of sales (always important) by partner members – a 44-per cent increase in EMEA – but also in membership and the number of technical certifications achieved. Globally, we’ve had nearly 100 partners earn One Identity accreditations…

    • 2018 March Highlights

      14 Mar 2018
    • Identity Analytics and Risk Intelligence:   Group Nesting:   Do you nest groups in Active Directory?  Turns're not alone!  Group maintenance is an ongoing struggle in any active Active Directory environment. One...
    • Privileged Access Doesn’t Have to Be All or Nothing

      23 Feb 2018
    • One Identity Safeguard frees up processor manufacturer, Cavium to enter new markets securely

      The question of user access rights does not have to be one of all or nothing. As an IT leader at your organization, you can escape the binary choice of giving everyone access to everything or nothing at all. You can parse out access based on roles and responsibilities. This ability includes basic users who need access to printers…

    • Help Improve the Design of One Identity Products

      23 Feb 2018
    • Have you ever opened a software interface and didn’t have the slightest clue how to use it, or even worse, what it was for? The One Identity User Experience (UX) Team recognizes that the interfaces of our products are not immune to this. That is not acceptable. We desire to do better.

      We want to ensure that our products meet your needs in both form and function. In order to achieve this, we need your help. As we…

    • One down, many, many more to go

      6 Nov 2017
    • Last month, One Identity held its first One Identity UNITE conference in Newport Beach, California.  Well, it was the first event that was actually branded UNITE.  We’ve been having Customer Advisory Board (CAB) meetings, partner events and customer events for some time.  But each has become important and large enough to consolidate into a single event that we have branded UNITE for its ability to bring together customers…

    • Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) Compliance is Impossible without Identity Governance

      1 Nov 2017
    • For many organizations, compliance with data security standards doesn’t seem to be getting easier. IT security compliance efforts are forever competing with information security projects, as well as operational vulnerabilities and business risks. All too often data security efforts lose in the battle for resources and funding. However, the reality is that these areas do not have to compete. By implementing proven solutions…

    • Segurança da Informação : Senhas complexas

      24 Jul 2017
    • Uma das maneiras mais simples e efetivas de mitigar ataques a senhas é ter uma senha forte. Sabemos que tanto as contas de usuários, como as contas privilegiadas são alvos de muitos ataques e o mais comum deles é o ataque a senhas.

      Uma boa politica de senha ajuda a garantir um mínimo de segurança e além da politica você pode usar o Active Roles e automatizar a geração…

    • POC du jour: Gobierno de Datos

      16 Mar 2017
    • Hola! En esta ocasión realizaremos una Prueba de Concepto donde el caso de uso se trata de aplicar Gobierno de Datos sobre un file system, buscando proteger datos sensibles, con accesos restringidos. Se traspasa la responsabilidad al...