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    • 2018 February Highlights

      15 Feb 2018
    • Identity Analytics and Risk Intelligence   Privileged Password and Privileged Session Support:  Another great milestone to draw attention to today.  Let’s say you’re a smart cookie and you know you have a problem with ...
    • 2018 January Highlights Part 2

      31 Jan 2018
    • Identity Analytics and Risk Intelligence:   New And Increased Risk Tracking:  Collecting and highlighting risky entitlements is an ongoing operation.  A schedule controls how often entitlements are collected and analyzed.  As new ...
    • 2018 January Highlights

      18 Jan 2018
    • Identity Analytics and Risk Intelligence: A number of across-the-board updates rolled out including UI Performance Improvements:   A number of updates rolled out targeting improved UI response.  These updates are targeted at IARI ...
    • 2017 December Highlights Part 2

      20 Dec 2017
    • Identity Analytics and Risk Intelligence:   Support for Managed Units:  Identity Analytics supports different data sources like Active Roles Server and Active Directory.   Specific to the Active Roles Server data source, Identity ...

      12 Dec 2017
    • One of the highlights of the One Identity EMEA UNITE Partner Conference in Malta was the Celebration Dinner and One Identity EMEA Partner Awards 2017. There were fourteen awards presented by Jim Lawless (a leading inspirational speaker & author of Taming Tigers) and Ian Sutherland (VP & GM Sales, One Identity, EMEA).

      One of the primary awards was for EMEA Partner of the year

       EMEA Partner of the Year 2017: Int…

    • 2017 December Highlights Part 1

      6 Dec 2017
    • Identity Analytics and Risk Intelligence:   New Classification Rule:  A new classification rule released that targets groups and group memberships.  Identity Analytics can now be configured to watch any group and members of the gr...
    • 2017 November Highlights Part 2

      22 Nov 2017
    • Platform Updates: Status and Incident Response:  A few changes were rolled out to enhance the status and incident response information.  First, the status paged was moved from behind authentication and made available on the top-level view.&...
    • 2017 November Highlights Part 1

      8 Nov 2017
    • Identity Analytics and Risk Intelligence:   Native Active Directory Module:  Identity Analytics releases support for a new platform today, Active Directory.  You can access the new module on the Configure - Collector Agents page. ...
    • 2017 October Highlights

      12 Oct 2017
    • Platform Updates: User Access:  The User Access view was updated to include Starling 2FA users.  Prior only Identity Analytics users were viewable.  Now, the view lets org admins see collaborators invited to their org from any Starling...
    • 2017 September Highlights Part 2

      28 Sep 2017
    • Platform Updates: Subscription Admin:  The User Access view under settings was updated to account for a new permission:  subscription admin.  This new capability was added to account for an edge case where the organization admin invite...
    • 2017 September Highlights Part 1

      14 Sep 2017
    • Platform Updates:  User Access:  A new feature was rolled out for tenant administrators.  The "organization admin', that is the person with administrative responsibilities for the Starling org, has a new view to see and manage...
    • 2017 August Highlights

      14 Aug 2017
    • Identity Analytics and Risk Intelligence: First a quick congratulations to all the teams involved with the official launch of Starling Identity Analytics and Risk Intelligence!  It was a total team effort across the business.  We're exc...
    • The One Identity Team Proudly Presents – One Identity Safeguard!

      1 Aug 2017
    • Safeguard is our newest entrant into the world of privileged access management. It ships today and is available globally and in as many as 11 different languages. You can learn more about the product on our website.

      So how does one of the largest pure play IAM vendors actually create a ground-shaking new product in the age of incremental version updates?  It’s quite a story and it starts with a diet coke, a vodka gimlet…

    • 2017 July Highlights

      14 Jul 2017
    • Identity Analytics and Risk Intelligence: Preview Mode:  Identity Analytics is moving out of preview mode shortly.  After the change the product will move into a release state.  A 30 day Trial will replace the previous preview opt...
    • Protecting the Connected Home

      14 Jul 2017
    • The connected home is conceived to improve our lifestyles and provide convenience. Along with that, we demand ease-of-use and something that we can plug-in and use. Welcome to the Internet of Things (IoT). Currently, there are no enforced security s...
    • Another Gartner Security & Risk Summit has come to an end

      16 Jun 2017
    • Another Gartner Security & Risk Summit has come to an end

      I just returned home from another wonderful Gartner event in the DC area from which there were many highlights.  Below are just a few of the key takeaways.

      On the identity and access management front there were several trends of note. 

      • Fidget spinners were all the rage at the expo. One Identity was giving away a white one.  SonicWALL an orange one.  I believe…

    • 2017 June Highlights

      5 Jun 2017
    • Starling Platform: Infrastructure:  All of these updates should remain hidden from view as the back-office is updated to support the upcoming launch of Identity Analytics.  Integration and testing is being conducted on multiple services lik...