How to inject a request for a role, related to another role ? Something for Geraldine !

In our environment, we created a structure of business roles and made them requestable. Works fine offcourse ;-) But some resources, tied to the role need to follow a specific approval flow using multiple approvers. So my plan is to avoid to create extra separate requestable items for those resources and to put them in a "risky" role, creating a serviceitem for that role and put it on my shelve tied tot the multi approver flow. So i split the role into "normal" resources and the "risky stuff". 

Problem here is that the requester has to request separate items and we want to make it as simple as possible. SO, i looked into table OrgRelatesToOrg.

Once RoleA is requested (using a single approval), i can detect the request coming into the system and using a script i can query the system to see if that role also has an relation to another Org. As OrgRelatesToOrg do not trigger calculations, i want to use this relation to tie RoleB (risky) to my original RoleA.

I want the system to create a new request automatically, using the same requester and same recipient but then for RoleB, using a multi approver flow. There is a method available i noticed to autoinject requests how can this be implemented in a 613 system ?

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