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Auxiliary Classes/Attributes within an LDAP Directory are not written to target

I've connected an LDAP Directory which syncs correctly with the standard attributes. But the auxiliary attributes are not written back to the target System. Even with the target System browser from within the synchronization Editor the auxiliary attributes are not written back to the System. I've connected d1im v7.1 (current Version) with the same user as we had before with the v6.1.2 Version. Therefore I guess it can't be an Access Problem. To I miss something concerning auxiliary attributes/classes and an LDAP Directory?

Thanks in advance

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  • Hi Sergei,

    The auxiliary objectclass needs to be listed in the multi-valued attribute 'ObjectClass@LDAPAccount'.

    So you might have:

    PERSON (Structural)
    MYPERSON (Auxiliary)

    If 'MYPERSON' is NOT listed as one of the values of 'ObjectClass@LDAPAccount' ..... all updates to attributes of MYPERSON will be discarded.

    You don't need to do anything in the sync project/editor to get this to work.

    HTH, Barry.
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