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Already loaded DLL needs to be changed and renamed. How to remove an existing DLL?

Running Q1IM 6.1.2: I inherited an environment that uses DLL's to allow for script libraries to code against target systems API's and such. I have coded changes to an existing loaded DLL in 1IM. It will have a new DLL name and namespace. I didn't inherit the code for the already loaded and differently named DLL. So I need to be able to clean up by removing the old DLL. Does anyone know how to remove a DLL?  The doc has information about how to Load a DLL but not the reverse. Thanks, Todd

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  • OK. I was able to add a DLL (and other assorted required files) using the Software Loader. I then did not compile and all tested successfully. I also tried to add the DLL using the Designer, but the New option only allows me to Name the new file, not upload it. (Most of this exercise was for me to be able to code for the four different timeouts values used by .Net when connecting to a web service, {Remedy: to create different tickets and user maintenance}. I ended up using Config Params and passing them through the vb code to the .Net method call. Saved me from doing any sort of config file for the DLL, and I can change the values with out a compile. Thanks for the information from everyone. It was very helpful. Have a great day, Todd
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