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How to read a parameter value in Sub reports


I have a custom report. It will get user input From and Todate to generate the report with in that dates. I used a parameters to get the date.

In the summery Page, i can able to refer the Parameter ( DateFrom and DateTo). If i refer the parameter variable in the sub reports ( Pending Attestation , Completed Attestation) , it return the default date value. It does not get the data entered by the user when generating the report. lt looks like the it is not the global value which can be used in sub reports.

I want to show the From and To data user entered in the Parameter when generating the Report in Sub Reports.

How can i achieve this. Can some one help me on this?

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  • Hi Markus,

    Please find the configuration of the form. i am opening the report in the Manager. I will select the Attestation , then click the Overview report of the Attestation Policy.

    <DialogSheetDefinition FormatVersion="1.0">
    <SpecialSheetData>ADP_Attestation_OverView New|AttestationPolicy=%UID_AttestationPolicy%</SpecialSheetData>
    <Property Name="UseDateSelection">True</Property>
    <Property Name="From" Format="dd-MMM-yyyy">DateFrom</Property>
    <!--Default: DateFrom -->
    <Property Name="To" Format="dd-MMM-yyyy">DateUntil</Property>
    <!-- Default: DateTo -->
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