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Lost Images (in-line) When migrating Lotus document in SharePoint site

Hi All

I am a new user for Quest might be I am not targeting a concern person. I am sorry for that.If not please send it to concern person or group. I apologies .

Scenario :

My Lotus Notes Email DB having a memo form which contain a Body field. Now with this form there are 76000 doc(s) created in DB. Each doc/email contain 4-5 inline images/screen shots and attachment file as well. 


Problem is these inline images/screen shots/embedded images in doc(s) is not getting migrating properly in SharePoint site. 

What happening once I am migrating ?

When these doc(s) reaching to SP site embedded image/inline images/screen shots are not rendering.For example there are 5 embedded image in document after migration sometimes 1 images are rendering in Wiki pages 4 disappear and on-behalf of those embedded images it is coming like [IMAGE 1.0] [IMAGE 1.1] [IMAGE 1.2] [IMAGE 1.3]

But once I open individual document editing the same document and saving the document using ctrl+s command then it is migration all doc with proper font size and all embedded images. Really strange.

I written an agent update all doc(s) with FIELD Temp:="1" to do little changes so that it can be edit & Save to satisfy the above criteria but unfortunately did not work this trik.

Require your expert comment and solution this problem. It become big issue for us.

Thanks in advance...


Shashi Kant Kumar