Identity Manager

Assign ITShop resource based on AD


We have groups in AD, published them to ITShop.

How can I assign resources which connected to this groups for poerson whos accounts are members of this groups?

So T have group in AD named Test Group, members are "test user 1" and "test user 2". I pablished this group to ITShop, resource named "Test Access". So I want to see in profile of my employees that they have this resources. 

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  • Thank you fore your answers.
    I can see AD assignments. But the main idea is to assign to employee ITShop resource which is connected to AD group which employee is member of. To transport all user permisions which he had before IDM to IDM database.

    The main question - how to assign resources manualy using database? I have table User-resource. I (administrator) need manualy assign resources in table to employees.
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