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Sending Character Entities in Web Service Request


We have a Remedy web service configured in OIM 7.0.2 to create Remedy work orders from OIM. We have generated the custom script to call the web service method using the OIM web service wizard. One of the fields we need to send is a description field with line breaks. We're passing the value to the custom script as below, with the 
 character entity representing carriage returns:

User First Name: John
User Last Name: Doe
User Network ID: JXD301202
User Employee ID: 999999999

Requested Application: Oracle
Requested Entitlement: Admin

However, I analyzed the SOAP request being sent to Remedy using Wireshark and noticed that & is being encoded to & as below, even though it is part of a character entity representation:

<Detailed_Description>User First Name: John&amp;#13;User Last Name: Doe&amp;#13;User Network ID: JXD301202&amp;#13;User Employee ID: 999999999&amp;#13;&amp;#13;Requested Application: Oracle&amp;#13;Requested Entitlement: Admin</Detailed_Description>

How can I send character entities to a web service from OIM as-is without being encoded? In this particular case, how can I have the SOAP request be generated with the description field as follows:

<Detailed_Description>User First Name: John&#13;User Last Name: Doe&#13;User Network ID: JXD301202&#13;User Employee ID: 999999999&#13;&#13;Requested Application: Oracle&#13;Requested Entitlement: Admin</Detailed_Description>

Thanks in advance,


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