Identity Manager

"Assinged" icon for IT Shop groups that was not requested but directly assigned

Group "User" was assigned directly (not through IT Shop) so in IT Shop check box is empty and the info "This product has already..." is displayed.

Is it possible to change icon to "Assigned" like for the gropus requested through IT Shop?

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  • Of course!
    But keep in mind that in other cases you need to request it again!
    If you have something because of a membership in a department. And then you are going to move to another department, you'll loose that. But in a certain amount of time, you gonna need it, because you have to do some work for the old department. Then you can request it for that amount of time and everything is ok. If you don't let the user request it, you'll cause trouble and delayed work.

    (adding current IsShowAsAlreadyAssigned will do the trick, if it just comes to visibility without any logic)
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