Identity Manager

Quest/ASR vs AAD Connect

 I am looking to integrate my OnPrem domain by synchronizing my AD objects to my tenant in the cloud and what i am trying to do is determine the tools i will use to accomplish this task as well as long term solution. my decision will also be based on usability of the tool as well as ROI.

I am thinking i will use AAD Connect  to sync my groups and users to the cloud but i have been reading Quest provides Quest/ASR which does the same work for me and provides a more robust management console /  environment for managing the objects this will make it easier to manage for both sides of the spectrum when it comes to admins and their abilities with PowerShell is my thought.

Can you provide what exactly i should be looking at that will sync my objects to the cloud today, if you can provide a list or link to get the info so i can review it myself.