Identity Manager

Path to migrate from 6.1.2 to latest version

Getting ready to migrate from 6.1.2 to latest version... any sage advice or does anyone have a recommended path to get to latest? How will our current customizations fair? Should we start from a blank slate?

  • Hi Robin

    There are basically two approaches:
    1) use the in-place upgrade path using the M61 upgrade module. This would require the following steps:
    a) upgrade to 6.1.4
    b) customize your dedicated M61 module
    c) upgrade to 7.0.2 / 7.0.3 using M61
    d) upgrade to 7.1.1
    e) do the remaining customization (new sync projects, rebuild IT-Shop, ...)

    2) rebuild your 1IM infrastructure with a new instance of 1IM 7.1.1 in parallel to the existing infrastructure

    Which way would be the best for you:
    Depending on your dedicated installation, level of customization.