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IT Shop Check Cart custom conditions to prevent violanting a rule

Hi all,

I'm using version 7.1 

I don't want employees get some IT shop products according to some rules. I can imagine two ways to implement this:

1)It should be great if I could specify custom checks executed once the IT shop user press the "Check & Submit" button on the web portal. If the request violates my rules it can't be submitted.

2)There is a way to run a compliance rule check just after the request has been submitted and only for that request.


The doubt about way 1) is where and how customize those checks. About the other way, how run the compliance check only after that the user submitted the request.



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  • Ok I shoud've been more specific: the reason why I need to check rules at the submitting time is because I want to prevent two employees to request the same product for a third person. If A and B have in their cart a product for C, only the first one who submit the request is allowed to do that.
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