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Change maximum size of AttestationCase.PropertyInfo from 1024 to NVARCHAR(MAX) in D1IM 6.1.4


is it ok to change the maximum size of AttestationCase.PropertyInfo1 from NVARCHAR(1024) to NVARCHAR(MAX) via:

alter table AttestationCase
alter column PropertyInfo1 nvarchar(max)

is it possible that something does not work after the change?

thank you, best regards, 

  • I wouldn't recommend that. It makes the Attestation case generation slower and the column length will be changed back to default during an upgrade to a different version.
  • Hi Tarigh

    What are you trying to accomplish by extending the attribute in that way? I'm trying to get my head around the use case in behind. So maybe there are other ways to get that worked around.

    As this attribute is part of the default database model, it's not recommended to extend the attributes as this is not migration-safe, which means the attribute would be changed back in case of an upgrade to a potential 6.1.5 or 7.x.

  • Hi Paul,

    there is a standard Attestation which stores comma separated list of nested groups (VI_NestedUNSGroupList) in PropertyInfo, i guess i will get problems when i have more than 35 groups having cn's more than 30 characters, so I wanted to act preventively