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Create a Deferred Event Generation Operation from a Script


We are migrating a client from 6.1.2 to 7.1.1. In their 6.1.2 environment they have a script that creates deferred operations to generate an event for process generation using classes from the VI.DB.DeferredOperations namespace. Here is the code snippet:


Dim newEffDate As DateTime = resEffectiveDate.AddHours(1.0)

Dim saveTask As DeferredOperations.DeferredJobGenTask
saveTask = New DeferredOperations.DeferredJobGenTask("SAVE_LATER", params)

Dim op As DeferredOperations.DeferredOperation
op = New DeferredOperations.DeferredOperation(obj, saveTask, newEffDate)


However, v7.1.1 does not have the DeferredOperation and DeferredJobGenTask classes. Is there an alternative approach to get this done in v7.1.1?


This is similar to the forum post below where the OP is trying to create deferred operations to save objects instead of generating events:


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  • The deferred operations do not support this.

    But you can generate an event with the start time of the first process step set to the future.

    The following code sample demonstrates this for ISingleDBObject and for IEntity.

        Imports System.Collections.Generic
    #End If
    Public Sub SDK_GenerateEvent_StartingInTheFuture()
        Dim htParameter = New Dictionary(Of String, Object)(StringComparer.OrdinalIgnoreCase) ' Dictionary for any additional parameters
        Dim dbObj As ISingleDbObject = Connection.CreateSingle("DialogTimeZone""QBM-FF60FBBFC1C18061DF4456004F7B34D2")
        ' Add parameter __STARTTIME with the start time of your choice.
        ' OPTION 1: Generation using ISingleDBObject
        VI.DB.JobGeneration.JobGen.Generate(dbObj, "UPDATEUTCOFFSET", htParameter)
         ' OPTION 2: Generation using UnitOfWork and iEntity
        Using uow As IUnitOfWork = Session.StartUnitOfWork()
            uow.Generate(dbObj.GetEntity(), "UPDATEUTCOFFSET", htParameter)
            ' Commit the changes         uow.Commit()     End Using End Sub
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