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Separate report for each approver of AD account


I've tried to create a report for a managers of accounts (ADAccount) which should be certified, but have no luck. If I create a report and use fixed parameters(UID_PersonHead & UID_AttestationPolicy) - all woks well, but unfortunately I can't apply filtering by manager(UID_PersonHead). I need to implement this only for mail templates. I'll be much appreciated for any assistance or advice.

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  • Thanks for clarification.
    I think that you're right.
    Let me explain in details:
    1. We have an attestation policy for service accounts
    2. We have a workflow & e-mail notification for approvers (managers of such accounts)
    3. We need to implement an attached report for approvers which includes all accounts to be certified.

    From my point of view this will be looks as:
    Account1,Account2,Account3 subordinates to Manager1
    Account4,Account5,Account6 subordinates to Manager2

    And when managers receives a notification about pending attestations, mail template should also contain attached reports with following data:
    For Manager1
    Accounts to certify: Account1,Account2,Account3
    For Manager2
    Accounts to certify: Account4,Account5,Account6

    So all I need is to generate reports for each manager.
    BTW, why reports format still PDF when I changed its type in Attestation Policy and allow all report formats in Designer.
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