Identity Manager

Automatically deprovision users in ARS


We have configured the ARS connector whithin IM and we are trying to configure an automatic AD users deprovision process.

The data flow is mastered by HR database where each user (row in the table) have a enabled flag whose value is 1 for users to create and 0 for users to delete. We have succesfully configred a Sync Project for setting the IsTemporaryDisabled flag to the Person object in IM basing on the HR data. This action is also triggering the disabling of all associated AD accounts and we are fine with this.

If we want to deprovision the AD user then we just need to delete the AD account in the Manager UI and the deprovision process in ARS will be triggered (we are using the Deprovisioning Not Deletion method described in the documentation)

What we want to achieve now is to make this deprovision process automatic without the need to manually delete/deprovision the AD user in the Manager UI. Is there any way to do this?

Thanks in advance,