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Hierarchy sync using Sync editor or data importer - 7.1.1

Hi Experts,

Is it possible to create a hierarchy structure when synchronising data from a CSV? We need to create AccProductGroups in a hierarchy, and it can go many levels deep. 

I tried using sync editor but it only creates the first root node (hierarchy sync flag is set on the mapping)

Our CSV schema is something like this


Ident_AccProduct Parent FullPath
Child1 Parent
Child2 Parent
Grandchild Parent\Child1
GrandGrandChild Parent\Child1\GrandChild

We need to create

  • Parent
    • Child1
      • Grandchild
        • GrandGrandChilld
    • Child2





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  • That's the "proper" way to do it, Markus- but in order to say that'll work, I'd need to see the content, format, consistency and quality of the CSV data to be imported.

    if there are any cases where Parent node doesn't exist, or its child nodes have NULL as the pointer to the parent container, or if there's a break in the heirarchy (e.g. application owners will only expose objects in their CSV from Top\Child1\GrandChild1 nodes down) my experience is, this can trip up the import logic you describe.

    At which point, the two step import gives you more flexibility on handling any issues with the heirarchy.
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