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Hierarchy sync using Sync editor or data importer - 7.1.1

Hi Experts,

Is it possible to create a hierarchy structure when synchronising data from a CSV? We need to create AccProductGroups in a hierarchy, and it can go many levels deep. 

I tried using sync editor but it only creates the first root node (hierarchy sync flag is set on the mapping)

Our CSV schema is something like this


Ident_AccProduct Parent FullPath
Child1 Parent
Child2 Parent
Grandchild Parent\Child1
GrandGrandChild Parent\Child1\GrandChild

We need to create

  • Parent
    • Child1
      • Grandchild
        • GrandGrandChilld
    • Child2





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  • It should also be possbile to import simple hierarchy structures by having the entries in your import csv in the right order, i.e. sorted by level top-down (Parent, Child1,Child2, Grandchild, Grandchildchild), and then use foreign key resolution for the parent column

    I've been successfully importing configuration parameter structures like that, without using the dependency resolution features or mutiple passes.

    EDIT: I was actually referring to DataImport here, not sync editor. Maybe it applies for the csv connector as well?

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