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Job Que Info not responding


I am using OIM v 7.1.1 and I have some problems with Job Que Info. Just after I log in, in to it, it stops responding. I can't do antyhing with this, I just see a message - No connection (Not Responding). What is interesting the Job Que seems to work, because it does daily tasks and so on.

I have checked the logs on JobServer, and found nothing disturbing there. Does anyone had similar problem with JobQueInfo?

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  • Hello,

    Are you able to connect successfully with other front end tools on the same system, e.g. Designer or Manager, with the same account?

    Is it successful with a different account or a different logged in user?

    I suggest to look at the windows tools to troubleshoot Job Queue Info:

    You can use either task manager or resource monitor to analyze the wait chain, e.g.:

    - Right click the process JobQueueInfo.exe and choose ""Analyze Wait Chain..."

    This will tell you if the process is running normally or if there are one or more threads that the process is waiting on.

    I hope this helps.

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