Support role in One Identity


Is there any Support (2nd line of support) role in One Identity?

I have following requirements:

  • View user details 
  • Create requests on behalf of users
  • Cancel request on behalf of the user 

Those functions must be available to pre-configured support employees.

I wasn't able to find anything out of the box. I'm using v7.1.2


Piotr Markiewicz

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  • Hi Piotr,

    There are no pre-defined application roles that would do exactly as your requirements describe, so you would have to look at creating a custom role for this. Although I think creating and requesting on behalf of another user would be synonymous with the delegation options.

    So you could probably just create the application role that would allow read only permissions on Employee objects. Then configure the delegation for Employees. There is more about delegating in the web portal user guide.

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