Office365 service plan and subscription V7.1

Hello community,

I Would like some clarification concerning the Azure AD connector, we are on 1IM v7.1.

I don't tested yet the Azure AD connector but I understand that 1IM is able to retrieve azure AD user account and the asssigned 0365 service plan / subscription OOTB. My question is does the version 7.1 is also able to assign/provision 0365 service plan and subscription to user ? If not which 1IM version is able to do this?

FYI : The AAD Administration guide v7.1 state the following 

Information about subscriptions and service plans within a tenant is loaded into One Identity Manager during synchronization. Asisgned subscriptions and active service plans are deteremined for the user accounts. You can assign subscriptions to the user accounts. In this way, user accounts obtain the service plans, which are connected to a subscription. You can disable individual service plans. You cannot edit any other subscription and service plan master data.

The green part let me think that yes 1IM is able to provision O365 SKU/COMPONENT, could you confirm me the information?



Alain K.

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