Identity Manager

cannot log in to the web portal

Hi Experts,

I just installed the v8.0 of Dell One Identity Manager and wanted to log in for the first time to the Web Portal (as an employee) but got the error below : 

An exception has occurred while executing the form method F0_ctl00_Main_Main_ControlRef1_Button1_Method.
Une ou plusieurs erreurs se sont produites.
Une ou plusieurs erreurs se sont produites.
Failed to authenticate user.
Wrong user name or password.
(2018-01-10 16:50:43)
knowing that i tried the employee authentication module (the basic one I believe just to see how it works) and tried to log in with an employee I created in the table Person specifying a password in the field centralpassword and a login in the field AuthentifierLogins. 
I wonder if someone could help me on this.
Best regards,
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