Dialogprocess table entries movement to HDB

Currently in dialogprocess table in our system, more than 10 million records exists which are 3 years old. This affects the performance of daily dbscheduler jobs(commonshrink jobs). This data to be moved to safely to HDB->rawprocess. could you give some addtional steps to be considered while transferring data manually from live db to HDB.

  • This is comes from my experience not documentation so be careful!

    To move the data to HDB You need to install the HBD and configure the Common\ProcessState configuration settings. Doing this it does the trick normally.

    The problem with huge amount of records that need to be moved in my case was that it stopped the DB.

    Issue is that this happens during the DB maintenance cycle which by default is at midnight.
    And that job was still running in the morning preventing other stuff to work! (but this was in v6... now this might be different!)

    We solve it by setting and changing the retention time in days(manually or by script ;-) ) to a number days that moved just a months of events every day (it took normally then 2 hours for a month of events). This way we gradually moved everything and come down to 30 days

    Hope it helps but this can really impact YOur production!!
  • Could you provide some more information on the retention time, which life time in the config param value to be changed

    we have jobhistory retention time as 56
    propertylog retention time as 14
    progressview is currently disabled

    and the records in dialogprocess are existing more than 3 yrs old records.

    SP vid_DialogProcessShrink which is taking too long time for execution.