Oracle database as database system in 8.1


In the 8.0 product documentation I've read that in future versions of Identity Manager (such as 8.1) , Oracle as a database system for Identity Manager will no longer be supported.  Needless to say our current 7.x runs on Oracle and that announcement has triggered all the alarms here. So we're starting to make arrangements in our lab systems to make the migration to SqlServer, even in our current version.

Currently if I browse the forums I cannot find many cases regarding database architecture migration. Is there any documentation , procedures, guidelines to look at? Will version 8.1 provide tools to make this migration? And if so, could these be provided in advance to help us admins make the change?


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  • I'm very sorry to hear you ran into issues during your upgrade from version 7.0.3 to 8. Without knowing the actual SR numbers is difficult to comment on the status, however I would encourage to continue to work with our Support team as this is the best conduit to solve any of your outstanding issues. Now, on your original questions. We do have plans to release a Oracle to MS SQL migration tool to aid with the migration/transition from Oracle to MS SQL. Timelines for the migration tools are in the works, however it will be available ahead of One Identity Manager 8.1 General Availability (GA) date.

    Alex Binotto - Sr. Product Manager
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