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I cannot remove a job server in Dell Designer



I have a goal to copy our IDM production to our development environment for troubleshooting and development, but both environment are drastically different. job servers and the domain controller are different and I don' have access to our mail exchange which our prod copy uses.  


I recently had a DBA copy over the production database from our production environment to a development environment.  I tried adding the dev environment job servers, turning off AD sync and turning off Exchange sync.  Since the production job servers does not exist in the development environment, I attempted to remove them and replace them with the development job servers unsuccessfully.  Does anyone have any advice with how to transfer a production copy to the development environment successfully?

I am really looking to keep the database self-contained at this point.  I have turned off all automated data imports and syncs.

These job servers do not exist in the development environment. I'm looking to halt jobs for these servers, but I can't figure out how.


  • The servers you see here, are not "real" servers. They are queue entries. Normally, the queues are named after the host they are running on to have a proper overview. In your new env there is no real server with access to all of this queus so your jobs just stay there forever and ever. So, what i would do is this.

    First, in Designer locate the queue that holds the role "Master SQL Server". Now, create a new queue for the server acting as your jobserver and mark that one as your new "Master SQL Server". Go to that real server and install a jobservice/server service on it by using the main installer and selecting "JobServer" and the appropiate modules. In JobServiceConfigurator.exe under you %program files%\Dell\One Identity Manager a new queue services there adding extra "JobServiceProvider" and replace \%computername% with the corresponding queue you need to service.

    Also, make sure you have the DBqueue processes running onder your SQL Agent. For this, you can create new queues using "exec dbo.QBM_PDBQueuePrepare 0,1" and "exec dbo.QBM_PWatchDogPrepare". This should create queue processors for the SQL.

    Also, make sure you recompile the complete database to have the new SQL host and connectstrings available in the database entry (table DialogDatabase).

    Delete jobs for your target systems with ctrl-D in the JobqueueInfo tool, as you probably do not have access to those and those jobs will freeze eventually.

    Modify your SyncPojects to reflect the new enviroment.
    So step by step, this is mostly what it takes.
  • Thank you for this in depth response. I had a job server already set up and I used your information as a guide to re-point the existing queue entries to the dev job server.