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I cannot remove a job server in Dell Designer



I have a goal to copy our IDM production to our development environment for troubleshooting and development, but both environment are drastically different. job servers and the domain controller are different and I don' have access to our mail exchange which our prod copy uses.  


I recently had a DBA copy over the production database from our production environment to a development environment.  I tried adding the dev environment job servers, turning off AD sync and turning off Exchange sync.  Since the production job servers does not exist in the development environment, I attempted to remove them and replace them with the development job servers unsuccessfully.  Does anyone have any advice with how to transfer a production copy to the development environment successfully?

I am really looking to keep the database self-contained at this point.  I have turned off all automated data imports and syncs.

These job servers do not exist in the development environment. I'm looking to halt jobs for these servers, but I can't figure out how.


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