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Hide textbox from File Upload node

Hi Everyone,


I would like to ask some help about File upload node in regards of hiding certain part.

The file input consists of 2 kinds of control: a textbox and a button.

I would like to hide the textbox.

I think it can be implementable, so the only question is: how can I solve it with custom CSS code?


Thank you in advance,

  • Is it possible at all with CSS?
    I have to hide it because it not works properly. After selecting the file, the path of selected file disappears.
    I have already created a SR (4196410), but I do not have much time to wait the final fix/solution for it, so I need a temporary fix for it.
    Can anyone help me in this?

  • I think the control is a native HTML object rendered by the browser...

    You could try the following dirty hack,
    - put the FileUpload node inside a Container
    - add the following "style" attributes to the container:
    "width: 80px; text-indent: -140px; overflow: hidden;"
    - play with the values. the outcome would depend on the browser, I guess:
  • Hi Crhistian,
    Yes, you are right, it is very ugly, but it works.
    And yes, file input has got different implementation e.g. in Chrome, so it has got an other look than e.g. in IE.
    Thank you this solution as a temporary fix.