Synchronisation Editor SAP Infotype Data Buffer Exceeded Error



I am trying to retrieve data from infotype PA0008, however I am receiving a Data Buffer Exceeded error. 

Target System -> Edit Connection (Upload XML File) -> Update Schema -> Browse. The Table creates in Schema Types, and results are found correctly in Results List, however when I try to click a result to view teh System Object, I receive the Error.


I believe this is because the PA0008 infotype has a lot of columns. Is there anyway I can restrict the amount of columns I am retrieving? Some sort of select certain columns statement rather than the full amount of columns. 


My Query is in an XML Format in a text file that I am loading through the Synchronisation Editor

Query = 


<Table Definition = "CCC_RankData" TableName="PA0008" Key="PERNR,SUBTY,ENDDA,BEGDA,SEQNR,MANDT" X500"CN,OU,OU,OU,OU,OU" SQL="SUBTY = '93'" LOAD="OBJPS"


<SAPExtendedSchematype Bem = "HR, PA0008" DisplayPattern="%OBJPS%" ListObjectsDefinition = "CCC_RankData" ReadObjectDefinition = "CCC_RankData" InsertObjectDefinition = "" WriteObjectDefinition = "" DeleteObjectDefinition = "" />



  • I would suggest two things from my experience:
    1. You are not using all PK in your definition which is not needed but You have to use tho ones that distinct the records between them. So verify if You have any equal records with the PK You are using (PERNR,SUBTY,ENDDA,BEGDA,SEQNR,MANDT)...maybe adding OBJPS would help as You are using it as display pattern
    2. if You use only OBJPS as display pattern than this must be unique... if it is not YOu will also get the error... that is why I would suggest something like %ENDDA% - %BEGDA% - %SEQNR% - %MANDT%
    ...I also get all tables without declaring any columns in LOAD
  • Hi Denis,

    I used OBJPS initially, however it is am empty string as I only have access to Development environment and the Data isnt complete, so I get the error 'An empty string cannot be used as part of a distinguished name' hence I decided to leave it out.
    I amended the display pattern like this as per yout suggestion ' DisplayPattern="%OBJPS% %ENDDA% %BEGDA% %SEQNR%"
    However still received the same error.


  • than maybe it is time for the support.