Synchronisation Editor SAP Infotype Data Buffer Exceeded Error



I am trying to retrieve data from infotype PA0008, however I am receiving a Data Buffer Exceeded error. 

Target System -> Edit Connection (Upload XML File) -> Update Schema -> Browse. The Table creates in Schema Types, and results are found correctly in Results List, however when I try to click a result to view teh System Object, I receive the Error.


I believe this is because the PA0008 infotype has a lot of columns. Is there anyway I can restrict the amount of columns I am retrieving? Some sort of select certain columns statement rather than the full amount of columns. 


My Query is in an XML Format in a text file that I am loading through the Synchronisation Editor

Query = 


<Table Definition = "CCC_RankData" TableName="PA0008" Key="PERNR,SUBTY,ENDDA,BEGDA,SEQNR,MANDT" X500"CN,OU,OU,OU,OU,OU" SQL="SUBTY = '93'" LOAD="OBJPS"


<SAPExtendedSchematype Bem = "HR, PA0008" DisplayPattern="%OBJPS%" ListObjectsDefinition = "CCC_RankData" ReadObjectDefinition = "CCC_RankData" InsertObjectDefinition = "" WriteObjectDefinition = "" DeleteObjectDefinition = "" />



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  • Hi Denis,

    I used OBJPS initially, however it is am empty string as I only have access to Development environment and the Data isnt complete, so I get the error 'An empty string cannot be used as part of a distinguished name' hence I decided to leave it out.
    I amended the display pattern like this as per yout suggestion ' DisplayPattern="%OBJPS% %ENDDA% %BEGDA% %SEQNR%"
    However still received the same error.


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