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Trigger WC in Approval Workflow

Using V7.1. I have some approval workflows that include some Wait Conditions that call a SQL Function to determine if the approval workflow should move to the next step. It's working fine, just that while I'm testing sometimes the step goes through almost instantly but sometimes I have to wait upwards of 15 minutes - in these circumstances I have gone into SQL Server Management Studio and run the function and I can see it returning a positive value - so if the WC had been evaluated, it would have passed that step straight away.

Is there anyway I can trigger the Wait Condition to evaluate? I looked in DialogSchedule and couldn't see anything that looks related.

  • As the approval workflow steps are calculated by the DB Queue Processor you should ensure that the DB Queue is working normally.

    When the condition is fulfilled a subsequent JobQueue task has to be processed. Again, ensure that Job Queue is working normally.
  • Thanks Markus,

    When this happens I don't see the job in the JobQueue which leads me to believe its the DBQueue.

    I can see quite a few processes in the DBQueue in JobQueueInfo but beyond that, I don't know which process it would be I'm waiting for or why it sometimes takes a long time, even when there's not a particularly large load going on. Do you have any tips on where/how I should investigate further?

    It looks like the DBQueue process I'm waiting for is called 'IT Shop meet approval automatically'. It's a WC at the end of the approval workflow. There's about 15 items that are sitting there with a Processing value of '0'. I've seen a few other processes pup up, process, then disappear. I can't tell why these 15 processes seem to be making no progress. 

  • Did you take a look at the Database Journal (for example with Job Queue Info)? Anything suspicious?
  • Mostly not. There are some errors that have been occurring a few times a day in the procedure, QBM_PDialogUserInGroupCorrect. It seems it's attempting to add a DialogUser to a DialogGroup but the key already exists in the m:n table for it. Other than that, I can't see any problems in the journal.
  • I am out of ideas. Feel free to contact support.