DGE Error loading authentication module

Hi Experts, 


I was trying to install the OneIM Data Governance Edition to an already existing OneIM 7.1.1 environment.

The service installation was perfectly fine however when the Activity Database is being created,  it says that the authentication module may not be activated or available.

I'm not sure if this is looking at the authentication modules available in the Designer and if so i can't see any named QAMRoleBasedADSAccount


Also for some context on the setup, i have an admin workstation with the identity manager tools installed. I have installed the DGE service on this server even though i understand that this is not recommended.

I have another machine with SQL Server 2012 installed that has the OneIM database installed and which is where i am trying to install the DGE Activity Database. This server also has the OneIM database service running on it.

The SQL Service account has all the permissions that specified in the deployment documentation. 

The firewall ports mentioned in the document are opened on all the servers just to make sure it isn't related to the error

This is in my test environment (Virtual machines)

Any help would be appreciated as i'm fairly new to DGE

Thank you


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