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The format of timestamp which is there in database is different what is taken by IDM using synchronization editor

Hi Experts,


I am using a native database connector to connect to a database in synchronization editor.

When i browse the target system it shows me an error in which the format of time dose not match with database and therefore is coming different.

Where as the time in the database is something else.

How can this be fixed ?


  • To help the community to give you some assistance, you should provide some more information.

    - Which version of OneIM are you using?
    - Which type of the native database connector are you using?
    - What database system (Oracle, MySQL, ...) are you connecting to?
    - What is the datatype of the column STARTDATE in your database?
    - What did the connector detect as Schematype? (You can check that in Synchronization Editor with the Schema Browser)
  • Hi Markus,

    Thanks for the suggestion.
    I am facing this issue in version 7.
    Using the native database connector to connect to DB2.
    The datatype of start date is Timestamp.
    Connector detected the table, selecting anything in result list populates the error mentioned in the question above, system objects are not coming.
  • Sorry for being picky but

    • What version of 7 exactly?
    • Are you connecting to a DB2 on LOW (Linux or Windows) or on an iSeries?
    • What did the connector detect as primary key (or key) column and what is the primary key in your table? It seems that the connector is unable to identify the keys correctly.
  • Hi Markus,

    • I am using 7.1 version
    • Connecting to a DB2 on Windows
    • In DB2 table- the primary key is made of five attributes out of which 4 are varchar and 1 is timestamp (i.e startdate). The primary key in the target system schema shows up correctly with all the five attributes.
    • The detailed issue is:-
      • I am successfully able to connect to target system through the native database connector
      • However when I am trying to browse the result list from the target system schema an error is displayed stating could not read value from system object
      • Looking at the details of the error I have noticed that the date value from one of the column belonging to primary key is in a different format as compared to DB2 table.
      • Error Window message:-
        • [1777160] Property (vrtXXXXXX@XXX    .XXXXX) could not read the value from system object (XXX XXX XXXX XXXXXXXX 7/1/2011 12:00:00 AM)!
      • SQL log Detailed error message:-
        • SqlLog select "X", "X", "X", "X", "X" from "XXX    "."XX" where (nvl("SYSTEMTYPE", ''), nvl("SYSTEMID", ''), nvl("USERID", ''), nvl("PRODCODE", ''), nvl("STARTDATE", timestamp('0001-01-01-'))) in (VALUES ('Unique_val1', 'Unique_val2', 'Unique_val3', 'Unique_val4', timestamp('2011-07-01 00:00:00.0000000')))
    • If the unique values in primary key are in varchar then it working fine whereas our requirement is to have a timestamp in the primary key


  • I checked that support for Timestamp for the DB2 connector should be part of 7.1.

    I think it's time for support now and have your version of DB2 .NET provider at hand.