D1IM 7.1.3 - Capture Agent with multiple Targets?

Hi all,


we are using D1IM DGE in our new Customer Environment. We want to synchronize Domain Passwords from the old Domain to our new Domain and we Need to synchronize Passwords into an Oracle Database Server. The Synchronization for the Oracle Database Server works fine.

My question is, is it possible to declare multiple targetsystems in the Capture Agent for sychronizing the Passwords into our new Domain?


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  • Hi Marcel,

    the capture agent captures sends the changed passwords to your One Identity Manager instances and uses the standard mechanisms of the Central Password data flow to distribute the password to all managed accounts of the identity where the password change has been detected. In your terms, the password can be distributed to multiple target systems as long as you configured the Central Password data flow accordingly and as long as the identity is linked to the accounts that should receive the password.

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