Exptected effects of database encryption on performance

Is there a rough estimate available on how much performance suffers when enabling database encryption?

How much would performance of the IT Shop suffer if personal data of employees was to be encrypted? How much longer would SAP HR imports take (they take a few hours anyway)?

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  • Hi Christian,

    when enabling encryption by using the "Crypto Configuration" (CryptoConfig) program, only database fields marked for encryption are encrypted. By default those are password fields and password related fields like ADSAccount.UserPassword or DialogDatabase.ConnectionString. Those fields are supposed to be decrypted only by the JobService. By default ITShop, Webportal and fat clients are unable to decrypt encrypted data. This feature is not supposed to encrypt fields like Firstnam, Lastname, Birthdate, ...
    I doubt ITShop stuff or SAP HR imports are writing password (related) fields on a regular base in sizable amounts. Under this assumption, the effect should be negligible.
    See also support.oneidentity.com/.../9

    If you want to encrypt all personal data, you need to look at database server features. They are usually called "Transparent Data Encryption". Unfortunately I can't give advice in this case.


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