PasswordQuery is to short


The PasswordQuery is to short in Person (64 character). I've the Problem that the Questions are given by the security officer. At the end I added a new field with ccc_PasswordQuery and changed all the normal fields.

At the end I've still one problem:

var vars = _UserSession.SessionModule.TableStore.GetTable("SessionAuthVars");

var accountName = vars.GetColumn("AccountName").GetValue(vars.First()).String;

var q = await VI.WebRuntime.ServiceConnection.Get().Session.GetLimitedSqlScalarAsync<string>("QER_Person_GetPasswordQuery", new []{ new QueryParameter("CentralAccount", ValType.String, accountName)}, _cx).ConfigureAwait(false);

vars.GetColumn("PasswordQuery").SetValue(vars.First(), q);

 This CodeSnippet delivers only the PasswordQuery and not the CCC_PasswordQuery. If I fill it with a user method, I get an exception that I've not enough rights.

Did anyone know, where I find the QER_Person_GetPasswordQuery? or knows a solution here?