How Assign System Role to a person like a System Administrrator with 2 Active Ditectory Accounts

Hi all,

I would like to understand what is the better way to menage the following situation:

A person that he is also a system administrator has 2 Active Directory Accounts. One is used for the standard daily activity and the second is the administrative account used to access to the servers.

If I have 2 system role: one is to anable to a standard AD group and the other is for system administration.

When one of these system role is assigned to the person, how is it possible to select the correct AD Account ? I mean the starndard AD group access must be applied to the standard AD account and the role with system administrator permission must be applied to the other account.

There is a simple way to select correct account ?  Using the account definition ? 

A solution may be to use a dummy person. In this case I assign the role to different persons that have different account. 

But if I would like to put these system roles on IT-Shop, how I can identify the dummy person for the request  when the SSO is implemented ?  The person access to it-shop using the standard account but the administrative role must be assigned to the dummy person connected.

Thank you very much and best regards