How to manipulate output parameter

Hi folks,

We are using Identity Manager 8.0.1. 

I have a process orchestration which involves process steps of ScriptComponent --> MailComponent - SendRichMail --> MailComponent - SendRichMail. I would like to get the output of the scriptcomponent and manipulate it (i.e. split the string) and pass one half to one mailcomponent and the other one to the other mailcomponent.

How we have configured so far are as follows:

The ParamOut for ScriptComponent is a fixed length string.

On the MailComponent process step, which one sits on top of the 2nd mailcomponent, we set a ParamName1 and ParamValue1 on both components to take in the return String of the ScriptComponent.

By setting Value = "&OUT(returnString)&" , we are able to get the full String, but we want to only some characters.

So, I tried something like Value ="&OUT(returnString)&".toString().SubString(0,4) but it will give me the literal string.

On the other hand, I've tried to return an array String in the ScriptComponent so that both MailComponents are able to access by "&OUT(returnString)&"[0] and "&OUT(returnString)&"[1] respectively, but the results turn out to be the same as the previous. 

Appreciate and seeking suggestions on how we should go about to do this. 

Thank you ! 

- Dhin