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Unsubscribe using vid_InsertForHandleObject_freeze


Is it possible to call the Unsubscribe method using vid_InsertForHandleObject_freeze? I know you can use Abort but I have a Cancellation workflow that needs to fire, so I need to use Unsubscribe.

I know I can do this manually but I have 300 users I need to run this on with different resources so I was going to build a SQL loop to handle this for me.

I had tried this below, but I get the error "Method Unsubscribe with 1 parameters was not found."

vid_InsertForHandleObject_freeze 'CallMethod', 'PersonWantsOrg', 'uid_personwantsorg = ''0bfed517-fed5-4c9e-b1a2-db5bc3d0c0cf''','Unsub', 'Unsubscribe', 'Testing unsub method', @ProcID=newid

Please help!

Thanks in advance.

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