Identity Manager

SAP HANA Integration

We have all of our SAP systems connected to Identity Manager 6.0. Means the BAPI is installed on every system.

Now we want to use SAP HANA technology as the database for the SAP systems.

Are there any experiance in this community with SAP HANA ?

Some of my questions:

  • Is Identity Manager able to manage directly SAP HANA users/permissions
  • How to connect?
  • Could we still use the standard BAPI for connecting a SAP system based on HANA?

Thanks a lot for any useful comment :-)

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  • Hello,

    You can integrate also your HANA Databases in HCP into your ‘normal’ on-premise HANA user management tools. 

    No, HANA cannot be used as database for SAP IDM product, yet. As I got to know, advantages of HANA, such as column based and no stored procedures, is actually drawbacks for SAP IDM product.

    As mentioned in PAM, Oracle, MS SQL and DB2 are the supported databases for SAP IDM.

    However you can connect HANA to IDM as target system and create users and assign roles in HANA using IDM.


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