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History Data viewing


this is about history data visualization once it has been exported into a History Database.

Until history data is still in a source database and has not been exported yet (stored in DialogWatchProperty table) it may be visualized from Manager tool in TimeTrace view. After export, DialogWatchProperty table is purged and there are no more data in source database,which is expected, but in the same time its no more possible to view this exported history data in TimeTrace.

Is there any way to have a similar visual access to history data, as in TimeTrace,in order to have a whole view of object's data changings?

Kind regards,

  • Hi Anton,

    Of course! In your main database you have to tell the system where the HistoryDB is and how to connect to it to give you a consolidated view of history data.  You have to configure the TimeTrace (History) database. Go into Designer > Base Data > TimeTrace databases.  I think you may have to press the green + icon to create an entry .... supply the name of the history database and the connection string to connect to it.

    HTH, Barry.

  • Hi Anton,

    please refer to section TimeTrace Databases in the configuration manual. You have to declare your history databases in the Identity Manager database to access the data from the history database in TimeTrace.

    "The history databases must be declared in the Identity Manager database if archive data is to be in-
    cluded in the TimeTrace function. To do this you enter the history databases in the category <Base
    Data>\<TimeTrace databases> in Designer. Create a new entry for a history database with the menu
    item <Object>\<New>."


  • Hello,

    unfortunately I don't have this behaviour:

    history database is well declared within TimeTrace in Designer, but

    once archived data is transfered into HDB (which means that DialogWatchOperation table in source database is cleaned) there are no more history information in TimeTrace view on Manager.

    Example: I had some history data from 18/11/14, and it was visible in TimeTrace yesterday.

    Today all data from 18/11/14 was exported into HDB, and I have no more visibility on what happened before 19/11/14 in TimeTrace view.

    Kind regards,

  • Hi Anton,

    please ensure the following:

    1. TimeTrace database is configured in identity Manager database

    2. Ensure that the TimeTrace settings are configured correctly to export the historical information to the History DB for the object and property changes.

    3. Ensure that die Identity Manager database is configured as source database in the History DB. Use the History DB Manager to check the configuration.

    And please take a look at the configuration documentation of Identity Manager. (Configuration.pdf). The chapters "Installing the HistoryDB Archive System" and "Archiving Procedure Setup" explain how to Setup TimeTrace in combination with an History DB.


  • Hi Anton

    Are you explicetely talking about the timetrace view with the tube below the objects or the change tracking for than can be displayed for a certain object to show up all changes that have been done on that object and its audited attributes? If you're talking about the last one, than this is a know bug (#20081 - maybe Marcus can share some insight on this is necessary, maybe there is already a timeline for this fix) on this form which is (afaik) not fixed yet.