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Triggering an event based on a exception from previous process step


  I have developed a custom process, in the process I would like toe generate an event based on exception from previous step. Is there anyway to capture the exception message or return code from the previous process step ? please let me know.



  • From the very rudimenatry question I would assume simply by triggering a FireGenEvent job and passing the error as a parameter to that job.

  • Hi Sasi,

    interesting demand ...

    It's possible.

    The error message of a failed job will be saved in the db (table "JobQueue", value "ErrorMessages").

    So you could use a job "Execute SQL With Result" to get the message of the failed forerunner.

    This job puts the result on an OUT value, which can be used in the next FireGenEvent job.

    My example (will attach the process too):


    The "Execute SQL With Result" ("Get message of forerunner") creates the OUT value named "ErrorMessage".

    In the FireGenEvent I use the following parameters to take this value and forward it to the generated process:

    _ParamName1     Value = "ErrorMessage"

    _ParamValue1     Value = "&OUT(ErrorMessage)&"

    In the generated process this forwarded message can be used with the notation:

    Value = $PC(ErrorMessage)$



    Additional Attachments:


  • Hi,
    I am not able to open your attachments. Could you please let me know what should be the Where clause in sql query.