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Determine the data relation between SAPGroup and SAPTransaction

Hi All

we do have a larger SAP environment connected to our Q1IM system. The whole environment is synchronized down to the transaction level. We now need to determine which SAP roles contain which transactions and vice versa. I did came up with the following query:

Select t.Ident_SAPTransaction, t.Description, g.GroupName, g.Description

from SAPTransaction t join SAPTransactionHasSAPAuthObject sthsao

on t.UID_SAPTransaction = sthsao.UID_SAPTransaction

join SAPGroupHasAuthObjectElem sghaoe on sghaoe.UID_SAPAuthObject = sthsao.UID_SAPAuthObject

join SAPGroup g on g.UID_SAPGroup = sghaoe.UID_SAPGroup

Does that look correct?

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