Self service password reset link on Windows 10 logon screen


I have deployed the SecurePasswordExtension on windows 10 1607 devices and I am trying to configure Group policies, so that the SiteLink appears on the logon screen and not as a separate tile, I have used the admx templates however even after disabling the create a separate tile for secure password extension, the tile still shows.

I want a forgot password link to be visible on the logon screen without the need to go through the tiles.

Do you know whether or not this is possible and how it can be done.


  • The group policy setting "Create a separate tile for Secure Password Extension" is applicable to Windows 7 computers allowing the option for a tile rather than a link for accessing the SPE.
    In Windows 8 & 10 the only option provided by Microsoft to third party credential providers such as One Identity is first the tile followed by a link. We cannot place a link directly on the logon screen.


    Jim C.
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